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Coral Savers


Who are we?

The aim was to use social media to promote a campaign for an environmental topic of our choice and to involve people emotionally. We have dealt with the problem of coral bleaching, as it is a serious problem that leads to habitats being destroyed.

Vision and Goals

We are a Non-Profit-Organization and want to attract attention, inform people and call for action with our 'coral savers' campaign. By taking immediate action, we can curb coral bleaching as corals can recover.

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Our strategy is to emotionalize in order to reach many people. We want to post moving videos and pictures that are thought-provoking. In addition, we want to educate people about the topic of coral bleaching and make the importance of the topic present.

Target Group

Our target group are people aged 18 and over who are active on social media platforms and have been committed to the environment to counteract climate change.

Image by OCG Saving The Ocean
Image by Claudia van Zyl

Lisa Kora, 22

'Together we can achieve a lot!'

Image by Max Kukurudziak

Manuel Heil, 35

'Do something before it's too late'


In order to better position ourselves in the position of real users, we have two fictitious persons created. Lisa is studying marine biology and is a little influencer on Instagram and is an environmental activist. Manuel is a biologist and a vegetarian. He is fascinated by the underwater world and biodiversity and wants to prevent the most species-rich ecosystem from collapsing.

Current satus

The Great Berrier Reef is damaged like never before. The extent of coral bleaching is greater than ever before. The temperatures at the water surface are rising more and more. More than 60% of all coral reefs are affected by coral bleaching. Corals are dying faster and faster. 

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Our logo shows a coral to draw attention directly to the theme, this is supported by the color. In addition, the logo is simple, modern and memorable.

Social Media

For a good social media campaign, we needed good time management. We made a plan about our content. Every other day, a picture or video is posted on Instagram and Facebook. Once a month there will be a newsletter if you subscribe to the newsletter on our website.


With Instagram, we want to reach young, interested people. We want to emotionalize people and educate them with our posts. We also make the stories interactive so that people can reflect on their behavior and learn new things.

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Facebook's approach is similar to Instagram's. Pictures or videos are posted regularly to educate and interact with people. On Facebook, we want to reach and educate middle-aged adults.


If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive a newsletter by e-mail once a month. There, people are informed about the current situation of coral bleaching and about donations, successes and goals of our campaign.

Print media


We have created a website and there you can find out about coral bleaching. The latest news about coral bleaching can be found here. In addition, you can sign forwarding and donate money to prevent the corals from dying.

How can you help?

Waste less.

Use of public transport.

Share products and use them multiple times.

Do not waste electricity, but save.

Bicycle instead of car.

Eat less meat & fish.

Regional and seasonal shopping.

Image by Aleksandra Khoroshykh

Next projects

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