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Sharing Economy

It's about collaborative consumption. There are already countless sharing services, such as Airbnb, Drivy and BlablaCar. Consumption is becoming more conscious and social and it has a positive impact on society. Based on this, we have developed our app 'finti'.



The app 'finti' makes it possible to resell a day ticket that is still valid to other people, to get the money back for the remaining period of validity. The transaction takes place via a 'finti-box', which enables a fast, secure and contactless transfer of a ticket. In addition to this function, the app enables an uncomplicated search for fellow passengers in order to jointly save costs for a group ticket.


Target group

With our app, we want to appeal to people who regularly use public transport. We also want to appeal to younger people, who are adventurous, spontaneous, open-minded and thrifty. 


Our main results show that most people think that tickets are too expensive and buy day tickets. You can also see that more than half of respondents would share a ticket with strangers, but most of them wouldn't turn to a stranger to share a ticket. We created this interface with our app 'finti'. A total of 41 people took part in our survey.

Would you share a ticket with strangers?

Would you approach strangers to share a ticket?




Maria Köster, 20

'I love meeting new people and am a scrimper!'


Paul Loren, 29

'I love to explore new places!'


In order to better position ourselves in the position of real users, we have two fictitious persons created. Maria often uses day tickets and wants to resell them with our app. Paul likes to travel on weekends and wants to use our app to share a group ticket and meet new people.

User Journey Map and Flowchart

For a good structure of our app, we have described each step of the app in a flowchart. In addition, we created user journey maps to see the phases, steps, goals, emotions and touchpoints between the product and the user.

Low-fidelity prototype

We created a low-fidelity prototype and we had a lot of iterations and tests to look for good usability and functionality. For the creation we used the program Balsamiq.


Our logo is a combination of the two main aspects of our app. With our app you can find day tickets and you can search for other people for a group ticket. The name finti is quick and easy to remember. The allusions make our app more exciting and interesting than the typical rail apps.







Colours and Typo

Our primary color is blue, as blue looks sovereign, familiar and neutral. Our secondary color is yellow to create a contrast. The font we chose is 'Proxima Nova'. 'Proxima Nova' is a very modern and clear font. The font looks confident and neat.

Finti products

Our service offers a 'finti product' free of charge. You can order a 'finti-Cappy' or a 'finti-Bracelet' for free. On the one hand, the products are neutral, so everyone can wear it, whether young, old, female or male. On the other hand, the products stand out and it should make it easier to find the passengers on site. In addition, advertising for our app is made and a sensation is gained.


With our app you never waste tickets again, also you can save money with others and can easily find poeple with our finti products. Also be fast, because all tickets are only valid for one day.

Day tickets

You can buy day tickets from other or sell your still valid day ticket. You only have to describe the properties of your ticket and bring it to a finti box or collect a day ticket from a finti box.

Passenger search

You can ride with other people and look for passengers for your ticket. You only need to describe the most important features. Like where to go, where the meeting point and when the meeting time is.

Box and people finder

In the category overview you can see your uploads and bookings of day tickets and the passenger search. Moreover, you can open the people finder or the box finder to find people or the finti box more easily.

Native app

We have brought our self-created native app to a device using Capacitor. We used Angular, a TypeScript-based client-side JavaScript web framework, and Ionic, an open source web framework. This is the end result of our project.

European Media Art Festival 2021

My fellow student and I worked together on this app and got to present it at the European Media Art Festival 2021.


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