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The football experience

We bring the stadium experience to your home. Fun, excitement, a lot of roar and the live experience, we want to make all this possible again, with our concept zoccer. We are champions at home.


Because of Corona, you could no longer go to the stadium or meet your friends to watch soccer, and in front of the TV, the feeling is not the same. We want to provide a unique experience and create the typical stadium atmosphere within the group of friends.


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Janine Hermensen, 23

'Football has been my great passion since my childhood!'

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Robert Grünwald, 46

'There's a bit of football in everyone!'


Janine plays in TSG 51 and has close contact with her teammates in private. They watch soccer games together and have a drink in a cozy atmosphere. She also visits the stadium 5-10 times a year. Robert is a sports enthusiast and a sports teacher. In addition, he is a loyal fan of RB Leipzig and attends almost all games.


Our logo is simple and modern. The house represents the function of our application. You can experience the stadium experience from home and the community feeling is reflected. 


You can enjoy the live experience from home by installing our app on a smart tv and on a mobile device. Our app allows many functions, including creating a character and friend groups.

Home and Profil

In the home category you can create your character and add your friends by adding them by name. In the profile you can see your favorite teams, last visited games and manage your account.

News and Shop

You can see the news in our app, there are current topics about soccer and the transfers that have taken place recently. In the store you can buy tickets for a soccer match or fan articles.


In the match category, the live broadcast of the football match takes place. You can control your character with the cursor and see your character on the smart TV. In addition, you can set different camera perspectives. You can communicate with your team members during the game. Also possible are reactions, like confetti or applause. The other team members can see and hear this. You can set the sound, who or what should be heard. During the anthem you may not want to hear some voices. Before the game starts, you can place bets within your group and at the end the winner will be chosen.

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