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Circular Design

Image by Francois Le Nguyen

Clothing industry

The clothing industry is always changing rapidly. One thing that isn’t changing rapidly is the over consumption, and therefore the impact on the climate. That is why we have created a concept that will reuse clothing to create accessories and new clothing. You might think isn’t that recycling, but we are aiming to let the customer transform the clothing into their own new clothing and accessories.


The goal is to design a garment that can be made in a sustainable way and reused and recycled to give it a second life. Today, fast fashion has a huge impact on the planet, from manufacturing to transport to washing and recycling of clothes, making it one of the most polluting industries on our blue planet (about 20% of global water pollution).  

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We are committed to 100% recycled materials. We are committed to an ethnic brand. We engage to local production and respectful and environmentally friendly transportation.

UN Goals

By buying our product, you guarantee our workers a decent wage and good working conditions. We guarantee a service that can allow our customers to reuse their old shirts by themselves or give them back to the shop in exchange for loyalty peops points. The protection of marine life is also one of the concerns of our brand. To end this, we have set up a partnership with the Seaqual association, which is a community that gathers people, associations, and companies.

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New clothes are the ones that release the most particles, so our clothes made of recycled material would limit the impact of this pollution. We guarantee through our brand that all inks used are of natural origin.


Peops is our logo and is a vernacular of people. The arrows represent the  sustainability and recycling of our fashion. Ultimately, we can change the world if everyone works together and thinks more sustainably.


On our website 'peops' you can buy our sustainable t-shirts. You can also recycle your old t-shirt through our website and read more about our concept. In addition, you can make your own videos about how to redesign your t-shirt or watch our tutorials for inspiration.


Our t-shirts can be used again. You don't want to wear it anymore or the t-shirt doesn't fit you. No problem. We have several tutorials to redesign the t-shirt. For example, you can create a rag, a bag, a cell phone case or a hair tie from your t-shirt.




Our target group is predominantly female. In addition, the age group is predominantly between 20 and 30 years. In addition, our target group is very concerned with the environment and sustainability. They do a lot of sports and pay attention to their healthy food.

Social Media Strategy

With Instagram, we want to create partnerships with influencers, who are interested in ecology. TikTok is perfect for tutorials, it is used to raise awareness. The videos will be published on Youtube and uploaded to our website. This will also generate revenue for our brand.

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Recycling process

You can recycle old t-shirts in the local store and receive loyalty points. Through our website you can either send us your old t-shirts and get loyalty points or use our tutorials to create new things, such as a bag.


For transportation, we use the train. A train covers 213 km for 1 liter of fuel, compared to only 35 km for road transport. A train emits

14 g of CO2 for 1 ton of goods compared to 76 g for road transport. Also we want to use a reusable package because it has 83% less carbon emissions, their action is profitable compared to a classic package from the second use. They are made in Portugal, by the brand Hipli.

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Project profitability

Most of the money will go into our materials and our production, which will lead to a loss at the beginning, but over time the prices of our products will rise. For the prize you will receive good and sustainable clothes.

Our team

This is our team, we are the Fem Lander (five countries in swedish), because we come from 5 different countries, this allows us to discover different cultures and different ways of life. We were on the summer univerisity in Sweden for two weeks and our topic was to create a sustainable future with fashion.


Next projects

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