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The lamp shade



'Hamstern', it‘s a common thing. Especially during the corona pandemic, a lot of people started hoarding and as a result, many

products on the shelves were empty and sold out, including toilet paper.

Buying behavior

The Prodano lamp shade represents the buying behavior of toilet paper in Germany from August 2019 to March 2020 and it is designed like toilet paper.


220% increase

The highest part of the lamp shade is intended to illustrate that sales of toilet paper has increased enormously. With our lamp shade we want to draw attention to the wrong buying behaviour of people.


We collected the data and plotted it on a simple curve chart. The scale in the chart describes the actual sales of toilet paper in retail.



'Prodano' comes from the russian language and means sold. The name of the lampshade was fitting because during the pandemic, toilet paper was constantly sold out. 

Information Visualization

My fellow student and i worked together on the information visualization and worked with the program Fusion 360 and we used for the first time a 3D printer. 


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